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Yesterday was a life changer for me thanks to Dr. Vega. I've been using hearing aids the past several years that were too hot. The frequencies were good and crisp but everything sounded excessively loud and almost metallic. After a consultation and audiogram, Dr. Vega explained how my ears were responding differentially to various frequency ranges and she suggested I try a new sound softening technology developed by WiDex. So she fitted me with WiDex BTE hearing aids, calibrated the settings on her computer, and did another live functional audiogram while I was wearing the hearing aids. Following the test, she made a few more adjustments and suddenly I was hearing better than I was in my 30s. She took the time to make sure I understood the nature of my hearing loss and the exact reason she was prescribing a change in my hearing aids. The hour she spent with me has literally changed my world (at least my auditory world). I can't thank you enough. From this point forward, I'm seeing no one else for my hearing health. THANK YOU, DR. VEGA!!
Sam Ham, on Google+
I have worn hearing aids for 20 years and as improvements are made, I have always tried to go with the best. My current hearing aids are Starky and work through my iPhone. Since moving to Lacey, I have had any number of concerns about the settings and have had several appointments with Dr. Vega. Recently she suggested an audiogram as I had not had one for a few years. In looking at the results, she recommended that Starky replace the receiver in my ear molds. That was three weeks ago and I can say, I am hearing better than ever. Dr. Vega is terrific in terms of listening and pursuing an answer to individual hearing issues. I highly recommend her services.
ChasKak Clarke, on Google+
Working with Jaclyn Knutson has been incredible. I am impressed with every phase of care she gave me in the past. Jan P
Jan Pierson, on Google+
Michael Starr, on Google+

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